Buying a tax-free vehicle is easy when you let ADC do the work for you. We have fifty years of experience in the tax-free car sales sector, and exclusive relationships with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. That means we can make everything simple, smooth and stress-free.

Our cars are offered free of VAT and, where appropriate, EU customs duty. That means you get the greatest possible savings, and all with the total peace of mind that comes from dealing with the most trusted name in tax-free sales.

Our sector-leading position means we can offer our clients one of the widest model ranges available anywhere in the world. This exclusive and executive offering includes every type of car, from saloon cars to sports cars, luxury vehicles to 4x4s. We have hybrids and estates, MPVs and light commercial vehicles. We’re a full-service company with a complete suite of cars.

Make use of our half-century’s experience in the supply and delivery of tax-free cars: choose a maker, choose a model and choose a sale type. Then select the best and most efficient delivery method for you: we can arrange shipment by container, by roll-on / roll-off vessel or even by airfreight if required. It’s all part of the ADC service.

Contact us today to get one step closer to that tax-free car.

Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping is delicate: that car might make for a substantial package, but we know that you want it treated with kid gloves.

Tax-Free Sales

At ADC, We combine our years of experience with superb manufacturer relationships to ensure you secure you the greatest possible savings.

Services to Industry

Our business is based on relationships – and our much-respected services to industry are how we’ve built ones that last.