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Welcome to ADC Automotive

We are the leading supplier of tax free and tax paid vehicle sales to military, diplomatic and personal export customers.

We have exclusive arrangements with a wide variety of motor manufacturers, offering you not just great savings but superb choice and peace of mind, too.

First established in 1957, ADC has thrived on the basis of customer service. Where other companies may boast that they’re a “one-stop shop”, comprehensive service is at the very heart of what we do: from initial enquiry through supply to final delivery, we manage the process for you and secure those savings.

Our dedicated sales team are specialists. Our consultative approach assesses your options and recommends an approach. From personal export to visiting forces and British Forces sales, from tourists to diplomats: whatever your tax-free status, we can assist you with a broad spectrum of available vehicles.

So contact us today: the sale’s always on.

Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping is delicate: that car might make for a substantial package, but we know that you want it treated with kid gloves.

Tax-Free Sales

At ADC, We combine our years of experience with superb manufacturer relationships to ensure you secure you the greatest possible savings.

Services to Industry

Our business is based on relationships – and our much-respected services to industry are how we’ve built ones that last.