ADC Automotive has many years experience importing cars into Thailand from the UK. We can source the car you are looking to purchase or ship a car that you already own, and give you a price for shipping from the UK to your preferred destination in Thailand. ADC-Export will take care of everything and ensure your car is exported to Thailand on time.

ADC Automotive is a leading UK Exporter of cars from the UK, exporting cars all around the world including to Thailand. This enables people looking to buy a new car to obtain tax free cars from the UK.

Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping is delicate: that car might make for a substantial package, but we know that you want it treated with kid gloves.

Tax-Free Sales

At ADC, We combine our years of experience with superb manufacturer relationships to ensure you secure you the greatest possible savings.

Services to Industry

Our business is based on relationships – and our much-respected services to industry are how we’ve built ones that last.